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dental implant implante denat

What is a dental implant and when is it necessary?

We have all heard about a dental implant and probably know friends or family members who have it. But we probably don’t know exactly what it is.

As it is one of the most common treatments in a dental clinic, we want to explain in an understandable way what an implant is, when it is necessary and some of its benefits. In addition, we would like to tell you about our process for extracting a tooth and performing an implant in just one day.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a health element, specifically a prosthesis, whose purpose is to replace, physically and functionally, the root of a tooth that is missing in a denture. It is placed in the jawbone, in the place of the natural root, simulating it.

Dental implants are made of a biocompatible material such as titanium. This material does not cause rejection by our body and allows a correct union with the jawbone, after a healing period called osseointegration.

As we have said, the implant only replaces the root, so a crown or sleeve is made that simulates the tooth or molar that is being replaced. Normally, the crown is screwed to the implant.

In short, it is the best system for replacing missing teeth.

In terms of its necessity, we can simply say that an implant is necessary when a tooth has fallen out or must be extracted because it is in a bad state and is causing pain or infection.

Finally, we can define three main advantages of implants:

  • They help you to eat more safely, thanks to a fixed denture.
  • They allow you to speak comfortably and without pain
  • They restore aesthetic confidence and self-esteem to show off your best smile.

Implants and teeth in one day, is it possible?

This type of intervention is carried out when the patient’s teeth are in poor condition and cannot be saved, i.e. extraction is necessary. The aim is to restore perfect teeth as soon as possible, not only aesthetically, but also so that the patient can eat properly and without pain.

In just one day, it is possible to perform the extraction, place the dental implant and the crown. To achieve this, an in-depth study is carried out beforehand with X-rays and a study of the bone condition of the patient’s jaw. Subsequently, important planning is carried out so that the implants and prostheses are ready to be attached on the same day.

To find out more about this process, click here. You can also contact us by phone and ask for a free first appointment for an assessment in our dental clinic in Viladecans, Sant Boi, Gava and Castelldefels. You can do this by calling 93 658 46 81 or writing a Whatsapp´s message to 620 63 83 86.

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