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How to find a suitable children’s dentist?

When it comes to children’s health, parents always take special care. For this reason, they look for the best professionals and, above all, those who specialise in treating children. This is the origin of paediatric dentistry, a branch of dentistry that takes care of the oral health of these children. A few weeks ago we talked to you about what paediatric dentistry is and we answered the most frequently asked questions by parents. Today we are going a little deeper into the subject and we want to help you choose a good children’s dentist. This way, you can take your children to the dentist with confidence. To do this, we can establish a series of keys or qualities that a dentist for children should have.

Essential qualities in a children’s dentist

  • Have special professional training to treat children. The anatomy of children and adults is different, as is the care and treatment they need.
  • Knowing how to treat children and having a certain degree of patience: it is normal for children to be bored, not wanting to go to the dentist… For this reason, a paediatric dentist must be prepared to treat them in the best possible way, talk to them and make them feel comfortable and confident.
  • Advice on harmful or favourable habits: the dentist for children can help parents on what habits to try to change or improve and give them tips and advice on how to do it. In addition, a children’s dentist should be able to instil positive habits for children’s oral health and involve them in their daily lives.
  • Turn dental care into something fun: often when we are children, taking care of our teeth and mouth is not something essential, which is why children’s dentists were not visited in the past. However, it is something very important, and that is why it is good for the paediatric dentist to be able to turn children’s visits into something more fun. This way they will have a good memory and will not be afraid to return to the dental clinic.

Paediatric dentistry in Viladecans

At our dental clinic in Viladecans we have a specialist in paediatric dentistry. She is Dr. Rita Mantecón, a children’s dentist with extensive experience working to look after the oral health of the youngest members of the family. Her charming character and professionalism come together to ensure that children are in the best hands.

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