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what is dental cleaning

What is a dental cleaning and what does it consist of?

Surely you have been recommended to have your teeth cleaned or you know someone who has had this treatment done at their dental clinic.

In fact, it is a fairly common treatment in any dental clinic due to the advantages it offers to the patient and, above all, to their oral health.

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning is a treatment carried out by dentists in which the patient’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned. The aim is to remove plaque and tartar that may have accumulated over time. This accumulation of tartar is common because brushing the teeth does not always prevent it.

One of the advantages of this cleaning is that no sedation is necessary as it is a painless treatment.

It is important to make it clear that a dental cleaning should not replace the daily hygiene that we must carry out to keep our teeth and gums in perfect condition. For this reason, we recommend this article in which we explain how to brush your teeth properly.

On the other hand, it is advisable to have an annual dental check-up. If tartar is detected on the teeth, it is usual to treat it with a cleaning. There are patients who may need a couple of cleanings a year, for example, those who suffer from gum problems and regular or sporadic bleeding when brushing their teeth.

What does a dental cleaning or dental hygiene consist of?

We are going to explain in two steps what a dental cleaning consists of. Of course, these cleanings are exhaustive and require a thorough cleaning.

  • First of all, the teeth are superficially scraped to remove plaque and tartar build-up.
  • Then, the teeth are polished to leave them completely smooth and shiny. The aim is not only aesthetic to make them beautiful and shiny, but also to remove any imperfections or roughness where tartar could adhere.

Dental cleaning in Viladecans with the best care

At Clinica Dental Baldrich we want to give the best care to our patients. We have great dentists in Viladecans, who treat our patients with the utmost dedication, delicacy and professionalism. We have a wide variety of treatments for the best care of your oral health. Among them, dental cleanings are a regular feature at our dental clinic in Viladecans.

Remember that you can make your first appointment without obligation to assess your needs. You can call us on 93 658 46 81 or send us a Whatsapp message on 620 63 83 86.

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