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fixed dental prosthesis

What is a fixed dental prosthesis?

A few weeks ago we talked about what a dental prosthesis was and what types exist. Within these, we talked about fixed dental prostheses, which in turn has two different types, as we will now see, and removable dental prostheses. You can read the complete article here.

But let’s move on to talk about fixed prostheses, to see in depth what exactly they are and what types exist.

What is a fixed dental prosthesis?

In general, dental prostheses are artificially manufactured elements that replace the tooth or teeth that a patient no longer has or that must be removed due to some oral health problem. In short, these prostheses have the objective of recovering the teeth and their main function, that of chewing, and also for natural aesthetics, recovering perfect smiles.

Within the prostheses, we have fixed dental prostheses, which are those that the patient cannot remove individually, but need the help of a dentist. The difference with the removable ones is that they can be easily taken off and put on to eat, sleep…

A dental prosthesis, whether fixed or removable, will always be customized to the teeth of each person. It can be made of different materials such as acrylic, porcelain, etc. Dentists are the only ones in charge of placing this type of prosthesis.

Types of fixed dental prostheses

There are two different types of fixed prostheses in dentistry, those that are made on teeth and those that are placed on implants.

  • Fixed prostheses on teeth: they are known as crowns or bridges and are placed on the teeth previously carved. They are cemented or glued with the only support of the teeth themselves. The color of these prostheses should be similar to the rest of the patient’s teeth. They are used to restore one or several teeth.
  • Fixed prosthesis on implants: these prostheses previously require the installation of implants on the maxillary bones, since the prostheses are screwed on them. Its function is to restore the entire dentition.

Fixed dental prosthesis in Viladecans

One of our specialties are fixed dental prostheses, of course also removable ones. We are a dental clinic in Viladecans, in the province of Barcelona, and we serve residents of other nearby cities such as Sant Boi, Castelldefels or Gavà.

If you want to come to Clínica Dental Baldrich you can ask for a first appointment without obligation to evaluate your case. You can do so by calling 936 58 46 81 or by sending a WhatsApp message on 620 63 83 86.

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