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dental prosthesis

What is a dental prosthesis and when is it necessary?

We can define dental prosthesis as an artificial and personalized element for each patient, which aims to replace the loss of one or more teeth. With dental prostheses we recover the main function of a denture, chewing, for example, as well as its aesthetics, returning to have a perfect smile. At Clinica Dental Baldrich we are specialists in dental prostheses in Viladecans.

Prostheses can be made of materials such as porcelain, zirconium, metal alloy or acrylic materials. They are made by laboratories specialized in these products, but dentists are the only ones authorized to place them in patients’ mouths.

The main objectives of a dental prosthesis are the following:

Restore denture functions, such as correct and painless chewing and avoid pronunciation or speech problems.
To recover the aesthetics of fallen or broken teeth.
Avoid problems in teeth that have suffered or may suffer loss, mobility, difficulty for hygiene, accumulation of food and tartar…

Types of dental prostheses

There are two main groups of dental prostheses: fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Let’s see what are the differences between them and the different types within each of them.

Fixed dental prostheses: are those that the patient cannot remove by himself, only the dentist can do it. There are two different types of fixed prostheses.

  • Fixed prosthesis on teeth: they are known as crowns or bridges and are placed on the teeth previously carved. They are cemented or glued with the only support of the teeth themselves. The color of these prostheses should be similar to the rest of the patient’s teeth. They are used to restore one or several teeth.
  • Fixed prosthesis on implants: these prostheses previously require the installation of implants on the maxillary bones, since the prostheses are screwed on them. Its function is to restore the entire dentition.

Removable dental prostheses: in this case, these are prostheses that are removable by each patient, for example, those known as dentures. They are chosen for patients who cannot have dental implants. They can be complete prostheses of the entire denture or only partial dentures.

Dental prosthesis in Viladecans

Within our Dental Clinic in Viladecans, one of our specialties are fixed and removable dental prostheses. Our experience supports us, with two family generations dedicated to dentistry in Viladecans.

You can now make your first appointment for a free, no-obligation assessment. You can call us at 936 58 46 81 or send us a WhatsApp message at 620 63 83 86.

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