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what is a endodontics

What is a endodontics and when is it necessary?

Today we discuss an important and unknown topic for most people. Although we have all heard about endodontics, it is likely that you do not know how this treatment is performed and when it is necessary. Therefore, in this article we will try to explain clearly what an endodontic treatment is and in which cases it is performed.

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a treatment in dentistry that consists of eliminating or removing the dental pulp, nerve or deepest part of the tooth, when one of these is damaged or infected. It is commonly known as the “nerve killing” procedure. Ultimately, the goal of endodontics is to clean the entire tooth inside, and then fill and heal it.

Dentists who specialize in this field are called endodontists, although many dentists perform this technique as part of their regular treatments. On the other hand, it is a treatment that is applied under local anesthesia and, therefore, painless. Furthermore, except in exceptional cases, it is usually performed in a single session.

The technique consists, as we said, in the extraction of the nerve or dental pulp of the damaged tooth through a hole made in the crown of the tooth. The pulp is then extracted and the tooth is isolated from the rest of the body.

The next step is to clean the entire root of the tooth and its canal, and then seal them properly. The sealing is done with some type of thermoplastic or filling material, such as buccal cement.

When is a root canal necessary?

A root canal is intended to heal teeth with deep cavities that have caused lesions (usually inflammation) in the pulp or dental nerve. These lesions are known as pulpitis. When they reach an irreversible point, the only solution is to remove the nerve and clean and seal the area.

Some of the problems that pulpitis can cause are permanent pain in the tooth and increased sensitivity to sweet or acidic foods as well as hot and cold foods.

It is a treatment that can prevent the extraction of the tooth, but for certain types of lesions such as root perforation, tooth fractures or periodontal disease, it may not be advisable to perform it and opt directly for extracting the tooth.

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