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dental aligner

What is a dental aligner and what types are there?

Dental aligners are the fashionable treatment to correct the teeth and align them, as the name suggests, to have a perfect smile at all times. They are becoming more and more common thanks to the fact that it is a relatively comfortable, esthetic, fast and effective treatment.

But let’s see in this article what exactly it is, what types there are, how this type of treatment works and some advantages that may be essential.

What is a dental aligner and how does it work?

A dental aligner is a removable splint, that is, it is not fixed and can be taken off and put on. They are usually made of plastic and are transparent so that they are practically invisible, which is why they are so aesthetic and required by many people.

These dental aligners are the basis of any invisible orthodontic treatment, known as Invisalign. A few weeks ago we told you what this type of treatment consists of, you can read it again by clicking here.

Its operation is apparently simple, each patient has their own aligners adapted to their teeth and every few months they are replaced by a new one. The good thing about this type of treatment is that from the beginning the patient can see what the final result will be. Beyond aesthetics, it is a huge advance over metal brackets.

Important considerations about this type of orthodontics

It should be noted that dental aligners have changed the paradigm of orthodontics to some extent. Both for patients and for dentists or orthodontists.

The former gain in aesthetics (they are transparent), in comfort (they can be removed to eat). Meanwhile, dentists must train and obtain certification to be able to design the entire treatment process using the different software that aligner manufacturers have designed.

An important consideration for patients: although they can remove the aligner whenever they want, they must wear it 22 hours a day if they want the treatment result to be optimal and within the stipulated time. They can remove it to eat and brush their teeth, but it is advisable to wear it the rest of the day.

Dental aligners in Viladecans

If you want a perfect smile and you live in or around Barcelona, you can have a dental aligner treatment in Viladecans, Sant Boi, Castelldefels or Gavà thanks to Clínica Dental Baldrich.

A dental clinic in Viladecans with the best professionals and treatments for optimal care of your oral health. If you want more information or ask for a first appointment without obligation, you can call us at 93 658 46 81 or write us a WhatsApp message at 620 63 83  86.


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